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3D surface analysis of DC treated copper with DCI’s Scanning White Light Interferometer

3D surface analysis of DC treated copper with DCI’s Scanning White Light Interferometer

G81-97a Gouging Abrasion Wear Tester

G81-97a Gouging Abrasion Wear Tester

ASTM G81-97a: Moving Jaw Assembly Gouging Abrasion Tester for Mining

ASTM G81-97a: Moving Jaw Assembly Gouging Abrasion Tester for Mining

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Deep Cryogenic Feature Article

Deep Cryogenic Feature Article

ASTM G81-97a: Moving Jaw Assembly Gouging Abrasion Tester for Mining

ASTM G81-97a: Moving Jaw Assembly Gouging Abrasion Tester for Mining

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september 30, 2019: new metal saw

dci adds coupon wafering

Deep Cryogenics International can now prepare metal test coupons on-site! Our recent addition is a new Kalamazoo 14" precision automated abrasive cut-off saw - allowing us to quickly create damage-free surfaces on scientific research and test metallographic coupons. Gone are the long lead time and rough surface finish of lathe-turned items. We are stocking dozens of superalloys, specialized mining steels, nickel, cast irons and non-ferrous materials for deep cryogenic test and treatment.


september 25, 2019: new R&D capability

dci adds metallographic prep

Our newest purchases - a DE3 diamond engraver and a Pace twin platen grinder polisher for metallographic preparation. We can now permanently mark all coupon and test samples and can polish samples past 1200 grit into mirror finish for surface analysis on our white light interferometer or for EBSD. We are the only deep cryogenic facility in the world with this capability.


september 10, 2019: new dct feature article

dci in canadian mining magazine

DCI President Jack Cahn authored a feature article in Canada’s leading Mining Magazine describing the use of deep cryogenics to reduce abrasive wear in mining operations by 30 - 70%.

august 1, 2019: DC Production capacity

DCI adds a second DC Tank

With the purchase of a second DC treatment tank, DCI will have both prototype and production capability. Combined with the only on-site deep cryogenic test lab and R&D facility in the world, DCI is putting Canada on the map as the home of both cold climate and cold thermal technology!


July 24, 2019: full on-site test lab

the world’s only dc test lab

DCI now has a full spectrum test lab for mechanical and electrical analysis of deep cryogenic treated items. Conductivity, thermal analysis, surface profilometry, laser spectroscopy, wear and ferrite testing - DCI has opened the only test facility in the world for deep cryogenic R&D and scientific research.

june 27, 2019: new engineer on staff

dci hires materials engineer

DCI welcomes our new Materials Engineer - Ryley Leblanc. A recent engineering graduate of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Ryley's background includes mechanical property testing, software development, manufacturing procedures and project management. Ryley was instrumental in creation of the only G81-97a Abrasion Wear Testing device in eastern Canada. A native of Yarmouth, NS, we are excited to be working with him!


may 2, 2019: dci business relocation

lunenburg, nova scotia

DCI is now located in the picturesque Nova Scotia seaside town of Lunenburg - a sailing community and UNESCO World Heritage Site with colorful Victorian-era homes, folk festivals and knockout beauty. Come visit - we'll eat scallops and lobster while your parts are deep cryogenically treated!

april 19, 2019: deep cryogenic treatment

we dc treat to improve wear

It's pretty cold in there!!  As the temperature in our deep cryogenic tank drops to -310º F, small carbides precipitate out of the matrix and permanently reduce metal wear and abrasion.  Think gears, bearings, turbine blades, drilling items and slurry pump liners.  Fast, green, low cost and effective.  Call us at 902-329-5466 or email jack@deepcryogenics.com


april 12, 2019: our BD Guy: brian edwards

business development - mining

Our Business Development consultant in Canada is Brian Edwards. With over 38 years experience at Dupont, Brian solves mining industry maintenance, operational and development issues by matching needs to solutions - introducing deep cryogenic technology (among others) for breakthrough value.

He manages projects from proof-of-concept, through trials, adoption and into life cycle phases. He lives and breathes DCI’s motto: Making Things Last Longer ®


april 8, 2019: the test device is complete!

dci NOW testING metal abrasion

2019 Dalhousie ME project engineers Ryley Leblanc, Xingyu Bai and Matt Puttnam flank Class of ‘56 EE Chuck Williams at the presentation in Halifax.


march 19, 2019: Abrasion Tester ready 4/5/19

dalhousie project nears finish!

A custom built G81-97a Gouging Abrasion Wear Tester, specifically designed to test deep cryogenically treated material for mining applications, will be ready on 4/15/19.

Built for DCI by 4 senior engineering students (Matt Putnam, Ryley LeBlanc, Nick Gosse and Xingyu Bai) at Dalhousie University in Halifax as their Capstone Project , this tester will be fully functional for ASTM tests. DCI will add this testing capability to their existing equipment and will provide actual improvement data on DC-treated material that can be used in crusher teeth, conveyers, mill liners and gears.


march 12, 2019: new patent filing

a fixed location dct tank

DCI President Jack Cahn filed a USPTO patent for a large DCT tank - sited adjacent to rail or ocean shipping access. This tank is uniquely designed to accommodate large wind power gears, hydroelectric turbine segments and power generation shafts, blisks and hot section components.


march 11, 2019: nserc research funding

dci and dalhousie win R&D grant

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada has awarded an Engage Grant to Dalhousie University and DCI to DC treat and test 3 high performance materials. This 6 month funded program will begin on May 1, 2019 and involve several researchers at Dal and Jack Cahn of DCI.


February 26, 2019: deep cryogenics at PDAC

DCI at canada’s BIG mining event

Jack Cahn and Linda Williams will attend the Prospectors and Developers Mining Conference in Toronto, March 3 - 6 to present deep cryogenic treatment to manufacturers and end users. Contact us at 902-329-5466 to schedule a meeting!


february 19, 2019: Deep cryo introduction

a quick 1 page summary

Here’s a snapshot of this step-change technology: how and why it works, what can be treated, cost and environmental benefits.


february 4, 2019: new patent filing

at last: DCt for power & ENERGY

DCI President Jack Cahn has filed the first and only USPTO patent for a scale-up deep cryogenic facility - dedicated to large size and large volume DCT of industrial items.

Titled: A Deep Cryogenic Treatment Facility for Industrial Applications, the patent describes on-site liquid nitrogen production, LN2 storage, the largest DC tank in the world, an authentication process for treated items and a test, validation and certification process that DCI patented in 2010 and was granted by the USPTO in 2017.

This patent breaks through the limitations of small commercial equipment and will help mining companies, O&G firms and public utilities to reduce wear on metal assets by 30-70%.

february 2, 2019: new dc MINING research

jack cahn and deep cryo R&D

JACK CAHN and DCI performed deep cryogenic treatment on several mining grade steels last week, both uncoated and with tungsten carbide overlay. Wear, hardness and tensile testing will be performed later this month in Alberta. Results of the study will be published in the fall edition of Canadian Mining Magazine.

Both Vecalloy and 4340 high carbon steel underwent DC treatment. No dimensional change occurs from DCT. Post-DCT annealing eliminates hydrogen embrittlement. Cahn anticipates a reduction in wear effect and an increase in yield strength.


january 15, 2019: Deep cryo MINING solution

nrcan comminution challenge

Jack Cahn proposed DCT as a solution to reduce energy use by 20% in the Natural Resources Canada Crush It Challenge. Comminution is the mining term that describes the crushing and grinding process to reduce ore size. His proposal is supported by Ausenco, the international engineering firm.


JANUARY 1, 2019: dci at coating workshop

amfi in edmonton alberta 2/12/19

Jack Cahn and DCI will attend the tungsten carbide/advanced overlay workshop hosted by InnoTech Alberta on Feb 12, 2019. Gary Fisher, PhD PEng, Team Lead of the Surface Engineering group will present applications, new technologies, opportunities and review industry use of hardfacing in oil, gas and mining.


december 17, 2018: DCT and Die sets

stamping dies and punch tooling

DCT adds 30-60% additional wear life to stamping, forming or draw dies at 10-20% of the orginal cost - whether D2, 440C, S-7 or A2.


december 8, 2018: DC tooling introduction

deep cryogenic treatment (DCT)

We are now treating machine tools, stamping dies, form tools and industrial tooling. Deep cryogenic treatment increases wear life at a fraction of the replacement cost.

december 3, 2018: Deep Cryo feature article

dc in industrial heating magazine

Jack Cahn authored a white paper on Deep Cryogenic Treatment for Marine and Oil and Gas Applications. Published in the Dec issue of Industrial Heating trade magazine, this feature article explores deep cryogenic challenges and solutions to industry-wide wear and corrosion. See article below:


November 28, 2018: alberta dct project

mining industry tests deep cryo

Innotech Alberta has approved a funded technology assessment of deep cryogenics for use in the mining industry. The Alberta-based test facility will provide independent evaluation, material testing and recommendations for implementation of DCT.

High wear mining applications include slurry pumps, liners, crusher teeth, impellers and hydraulics.


november 19, 2018: DCI Test Bed in-process

dalhousie G81 project update

The four Dalhousie University engineering students have finalized their design review and will start construction of DCI’s ASTM G81-97a tester in 1/2019. Completion will be 4/2019.

DCI’s test bed is the only one in the world designed for field testing of crushed rock and other mining material using DC treated cast-iron test coupons. The coupons can be made from ductile, white, austempered or chrome moly cast iron. Unlike preliminary lab or in-situ part testing, this test bed will allow mining equipment manufacturers to test the DC process in field conditions using materials specific to their operation.


october 17, 2018: 1 page DC introduction


A quick, easy-to-understand read on the disruptive material improvement process.


september 28, 2018: major dc report

irap report on deep cryogenics

The most comprehensive summary report on Deep Cryogenics, funded by NRC IRAP, was just released. Authored by Dr. Kevin Plucknett, associate Dean of Research at Dalhousie University, the report confirms the wear and corrosion improvement of DC and summarizes the challenges and opportunities of DC across multiple industries.


September 24, 2018; dci at dalhousie

dCI promotes engineering DEPT

DCI has sponsored a Dalhousie Capstone project for 4 engineering students. They will build a gouging abrasion tester, conforming to ASTM G81, for oil sands test applications. Jack Cahn will be the industry liaison on this program.

august 16, 2018: DCI Wins vc award

energia ventures funds dci

Deep Cryogenics International was awarded $20,000 by Fredericton, NB investment group Energia Ventures. One of only 6 firms chosen in North America, DCI President Jack Cahn will attend a 13 week on-site incubation in NB in preparation for future seed round funding.


July 6, 2018: DCI wins Technology funding

deep cryogenics awarded grant

Deep Cryogenics was awarded a $45,000 grant by Innovacorp -ACOA in Halifax, Nova Scotia. With Linda and Jack is Andy Fillmore, Member of Parliament and Hugh MacKay, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia.


June 20, 201:  DCI at Global Petroleum Show

DCI at GPS in Calgary, Alberta

Monterey Bay Geologist Rick Schuster and DCI President Jack Cahn (right) in Calgary, Alberta.  DCI attended the Global Petroleum Show to connect with oil field services companies.


June 18, 2018: DCI IN canada

deep cryogenics in Nova Scotia

We are now open in the Atlantic Maritimes: Our address is 5266 Highway 329 Hubbards, NS B0J1T0. Our new phone number is (902) 329-5466. Our web address is still:  www.deepcryogenics.com


May 4, 2018: dci capital acquisition

deep cryogenics buys new tank

DCI President Jack Cahn has purchased a new DC tank.  With a 22"x 34" capacity to treat up to 1,500 lbs, this tank will be used for scientific R&D and small scale DC treatment of customer items.      

DCI will begin construction of the world's largest DC tank in mid-2019.  At 10' x 10' x 20' and holding up to 200,000 pounds, it will be 50X larger than existing equipment and the only machine capable of treating O&G, power generation, mining, industrial forgings and large marine components.


April 26, 2018: DCI talk at nrc workshop

deep cryogenics in canada

DCI President Jack Cahn will discuss DC treatment solutions to reduce wear and corrosion on mining assets at a workshop of the NRC Mining Materials Wear and Corrosion Consortium on June 6, 2018 in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada.


April 15, 2018: Cryogenic research articles

deep cryogenics international

Deep Cryogenic International links to the CSA Treatment Database https://www.cryogenictreatmentdatabase.org/  DCI President Jack Cahn contributes to DC materials research.


march 28, 2018: Canadian grant


Deep Cryogenics International is collaborating with Dr. Kevin Plucknett at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia on an NRC-IRAP grant to roadmap deep cryogenics across Canada.



march 6, 2018: DCI Science advisor

deep cryogenics sme, lecturer

Dr. Rob Thornton, PE and Lecturer at University of Leicester, UK, has joined Deep Cryogenics International as a Science Advisor.  Dr. Thornton is a Subject Matter Expert in deep cryogenics. https://www.linkedin.com/in/robthornton1/ 



February 28, 2018: DCI External Advisor

former top scientist at tenaris

Dr. Teresa Perez, former principal scientist at Tenaris and currently with TEP Consulting, has joined Deep Cryogenics International as an External Advisor.  Dr. Perez is a world recognized O&G SME in corrosion and metallurgy.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/teresa-perez-b4418867/



February 26, 2018: DCI Science advisor

former chief scientist at shell

Dr. Sergio Kapusta, former chief scientist at Shell and current engineering professor at Rice University, has joined Deep Cryogenics International as Chief Materials Science Advisor. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergio-kapusta-5aa31b16/


February 20, 2018: o&G incubation

DCI Invited to pitch at ogtc

Deep Cryogenics International was selected to pitch at OGTC's Tech X accelerator in Aberdeen, Scotland on 3/7/18. The opportunity is for a sought-after, funded UK incubation.  https://theogtc.com/media-centre/news/2018/tech-start-ups-vying-to-be-a-techx-pioneer/


February 2, 2018: international Status

dci opens a Canadian office

Deep Cryogenics International is now an Extra-Provincial Canadian Corporation listed in the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Companies.  Our Registry ID is 3314475.


October 17, 2017: deep cryogenics Database

material application program

DCI has developed a material improvement computer application that links DC treatment protocols to measured levels of improvement in steel alloys.



September 21, 2017: DNV-GL and DCI

O&G DC Process qualification

Deep Cryogenics International and DNV-GL are in discussion to process-qualify deep cryogenic treatment of low-carbon alloy steel for O&G pipeline application. 



September 6, 2017: Full Patent FILING

USPTO # 15/696,757

On 9/6/17, Jack Cahn filed a non-provisional patent for Deep Cryogenic Treatment of Blowout Preventer Items.  DC will reduce the catastrophic failure of BOP internal components, bolts and fasteners by 30-70%.  Potential customers include GE, Cameron, Varco and Schlumberger. 



August 1, 2017:  Patent Issued

USPto # 9,721,258

On 8/1/17, the USPTO issued a full patent to Jack Cahn for  the first and only standards-based means to authenticate, test and certify deep cryogenic treatment on metal and metal-matrix items.  https://patents.google.com/patent/US9721258B2/en?oq=+9%2c721%2c258


June 17, 2017: Full Patent FILING

USPTO # 15/626,102

On 6/17/17, Jack Cahn filed a non-provisional patent for Authentication, Testing and Certification of Additive Manufactured Items and Cryogenically Processed Additive Manufactured Items.


May 31, 2017: NEW Patent FILING

USPTO # 62/512,771

On 5/31/17, Jack Cahn filed a patent for Deep Cryogenic Treatment of Metal-Matrix Armor — the use of DC to reduce the physical impact effect on steel from blast, penetration or collision. Applications are industrial and military.


May 18, 2017: NEW Patent FILING

USPTO # 62/507,821

On 5/18/17, Jack Cahn filed a patent for a Large Format Deep Cryogenic Treatment Facility. The lack of scale-up equipment for industrial application has been a key limiting factor for widespread use of DC.


May 15, 2017: Scientific Article Posted

Deep Cryogenics Tech Briefing

DCI founder Jack Cahn gave this presentation at Draper Labs, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The audience consisted of academics, material scientists and program managers. https://www.scribd.com/document/370873474/10-30-12-Deep-Cryogenics-International-Tech-Briefing