Our Intellectual Property

Starting in 2010, DCI founder Jack Cahn began filing scientific intellectual property owned by Deep Cryogenics International (formerly AMS Corporation) with the US Patent and Trademark Office. This IP includes:

  • Validation of Cryogenically Treated Articles;  filed 2010, issued 2017 (USPTO Patent # 9,721,258) 
  • Authentication, Testing and Certification of Additive Manufactured Items and Cryogenically Processed Additive Manufactured Items, 2016 (USPTO 15/626,102; patent-pending)   
  • Authenticating Deep Cryogenic Treatment of Materials, 2016 (USPTO 15/691,525; patent-pending)    
  • Deep Cryogenic Treatment of Oil and Gas Blowout Preventer Fasteners and Components, 2016 (USPTO 15/696,757; patent-pending)   
  • Making Things Last Longer™2016 (USPTO 87010540 Registered Trademark)  
  • Large Format Deep Cryogenic Treatment Facility, 2017 (USPTO 62/507,821; patent-pending)
  • Deep Cryogenic Treatment of Metal Matrix Armor, 2017 (USPTO 62/512,771; patent-pending)

Simultaneously, Cahn also entered into research agreements with the US Army and subsequently received awards to further advance deep cryogenic research. These include:

  • Cooperative R&D Agreement with US Army, Picatinny Arsenal, 2009
  • Cooperative R&D Agreement with US Army, Aberdeen Proving Ground, 2011
  • US Navy Phase I SBIR (with Redstone Aerospace), 2012
  • US Army SOCOM Emerging Technology award, 2014