Founders, Advisors and Team Members


Jack Cahn is the founder and principal researcher at Deep Cryogenics International. Since 1999, he has used DCT on machine shop tooling, developed DC test procedures for use on JPL's Mars Exploration Rover, worked with researchers at NIST’s cryogenic processing lab and served as the lead investigator in two US Army CRADAs. He is the author of one USPTO-issued patent and five patents-pending.


Linda Williams is the co-founder of Deep Cryogenics International. A professional editor and writer, she works with Cahn in researching projects, writing patents, liaising with academic institutions and creating organizational culture.


Brian Edwards is a business development advisor to DCI. With over 38 years experience at Dupont, Brian solves mining industry maintenance, operational and development issues by matching needs to solutions - introducing deep cryogenic technology (among others) for breakthrough value.

He manages projects from proof-of-concept, through trials, adoption and into life cycle phases. He lives and breathes DCI’s motto: Making Things Last Longer®


Dr. Sergio Kapusta is a science advisor to Deep Cryogenics International. The former Chief Scientist and Manager of Physics and Materials at Shell, Dr. Kapusta provides industry knowledge, scientific depth and expertise in research, engineering, operations, process safety and strategy planning to address new challenges in energy and the environment.


Dr. Rob Thornton is a science advisor to Deep Cryogenics International. A lecturer at the University of Leicester and a chartered engineer, Dr. Thornton is a recognized Subject Matter Expert in deep cryogenics. His experience in DC research and metallurgy will assist DCI from launch to success.


Norm Schippert leads our IT and SEO efforts. Norm was the founder and developer of BluegrassNet, an early pioneer in internet service providers and website content. He is an expert in search engine optimization and digital marketing.

 Dr. Teresa Perez is an external science advisor to Deep Cryogenics International. The former Principal Scientist at Tenaris, Dr. Perez is an O&G industry Subject Matter Expert in metallurgy, corrosion, material selection, welding and failures analysis. Her guidance in collaborative research and materials technology is invaluable.