Our Purpose

Since 1999, we have been exploring this science to understand how and why it works and where it is most effective. But first of all, what is deep cryogenic treatment? 

Deep cryogenics is a -310° F cold treatment process that has been proven to permanently reduce wear, fatigue and corrosion by 20-70% in metal, metal-matrix and additive manufactured items by altering atomic-level grain structures (see MIT tech briefing).

The Deep Cryogenic Treatment Process

Items are placed in an insulated tank. The tank is surrounded by an outer jacket filled with liquid nitrogen. The inner tank temperature drops slowly as heat is removed from the items by thermodynamic exchange. Once the desired temperature is reached — processes or "recipes" vary for different metals — the items remain in this subzero state before gradually ramping back up to room temperature. Then, items are tempered at 300° F to eliminate hydrogen embrittlement (a cause of corrosion). During this process, the liquid nitrogen transforms into a gas and returns to the atmosphere, where it comprises 78% of the air we breathe. Deep cryogenic treatment takes about 50 hours to complete. The process is green, low cost and highly effective.

When to Perform Deep Cryogenic Treatment

DCT usually follows standard heat treatment. However, some materials exhibit higher yield strength and fatigue crack resistance if the treatment occurs prior to heat treating. For example, bond coat affinity increases for vapor deposition coatings and cladding if DCT takes place first. Many unique process sequences and time-temperature protocols exist to maximize results.


Here's a reasonable question: Why has deep cryogenic treatment escaped mainstream attention and acceptance?

For a number of reasons, among them:

  • no test, validation or certification procedures — until recently

  • no scale-up treatment facility for industrial use — until recently

  • a lack of industrial, military or commercial funding to perform research

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Our Mission

Deep Cryogenics International is dedicated to making things last longer®  — specifically metal and metal-matrix items — by performing deep cryogenic treatment and advancing the deep cryogenic process.

We provide deep cryogenic treatment and cutting-edge scientific research, particularly at the intersection with additive manufacturing. Our discoveries will serve many discrete players:  corporations with competitive advantage, individuals with longer lasting products and the environment by reducing "throwaway" obsolescence. These goals are interwoven in each of our daily choices — whether we drive a car, turn on the heat, purchase something we want or use what we value.

Making things last longer® is the eternal engineering challenge.
— Jack Cahn, founder, Deep Cryogenics International