Our areas of applied Deep Cryogenic research:

  • Eliminating stress corrosion cracking of 4340 BOP and sub-sea bolts
  • Breaking 32K ceiling on gas power generator gears and bearings
  • Increasing densification of ceramic matrix AM parts
  • Improving high temp AM fuel injector and spray pattern life 
  • Increasing plasticity/yield limits on SiN/TiAl turbine buckets
  • Increasing thermal dissipation on copper computer heat sinks
  • Reducing fluence of zirconium-clad 4340 radioactive waste casks 
  • Doubling lifespan of AM 6Al4V titanium medical implants
  • Increasing BaFe magnetic storage densification 
  • Reducing HAZ and SCC in gas and oil pipeline welds and unions

Since 2010, we have received letters of support from:

MIT                               NIST                           Rolls Royce               Battelle

US Army ARDEC        US Army TARDEC    US Army LIA           Hawaii Corrosion Lab


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