Getting Started. For Real This Time

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by Linda Williams

From 2015-2017 I blogged multiple times a week. During that time I worked for a company in Boulder, Colorado, and wrote blogs on small business, dentistry, marketing, law, and a variety of other topics. I also published an entirely different blog twice a week about a personal circumstance high up in our lives at the time.

When Jack and I built this website, I said to him in my most serious voice, “We have to have a blog—every reputable business has one!” to which he responded, “Sounds great. How about you write it?”

I said I would. And I promise you I intended to publish more than once every 16 months. I’d like to think maybe I got burned out by so much blogging in the previous years, but that would just be an excuse. The truth is I really wasn’t sure quite what to blog about. Metals? Startups? Technology? Canada? Things that are cold??

Sometimes if you don’t just start you never get started. So I’m jumping in mid-stream and seeing where I surface. I’ll begin with a few updates to kick things off. And hope another 16 months doesn’t pass in the interim.

Here’s a quick swing through developments with DCI since we got underway. In the spring we released a PPM that resulted in investment from friends and family. In June we relocated from Boulder, Colorado, to rural Nova Scotia, where we are close to my parents as well as industry partners. We watch seals (seals!!) from the front deck of our 110-year-old farmhouse on the Atlantic Ocean. 


Three weeks after our arrival Jack was awarded a grant from InnovaCorp, which we used to fund the purchase of a deep cryogenic tank, currently housed in the building behind us.  We will use it for necessary R&D and coupon testing as the lab ramps up. The following month Jack was invited to bid for a spot in a businessss accelerator run by Energia Ventures in Fredericton, New Brunswick. 

DCI was one of six companies chosen in North America to participate in the three-month program, which started in September. Jack is really impressed by the quality of the other startups. Energia’s overarching goal is two-pronged: one is for him to be “pitch-ready” to talk to investors about DCI; the other is to strengthen his knowledge around running the business when he does get funded. 

So the accelerator is a combination of pitch practice and feedback, business programming (from workshops on accounting, patents, and human resources, to business development, marketing, and creative thinking), group sessions with the rest of the cohort, and mentor mash-ups. Although he’s already founded and run two other companies, there is always more to learn.

We continue to see sustained interest in the technology itself across multiple industries and are developing customer contacts in the US and Canada. 

Last weekend we went down to St. Andrews-by-the-Sea on the Bay of Fundy, a couple hours from Fredericton. The highest tides in the world, ranging from 10 to 50 feet, flow in and out of this narrow bay between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick twice daily. We walked way out on the ocean floor at low tide and saw a few fishermen digging for clams. How strange to be standing on sand we knew would be covered by several feet of salt water and sea life a few hours later. 


By the next morning Jack had researched clam rakes, rubber boots, shellfish licenses, and clam beds. Rumor has it we’re going back Saturday with buckets to harvest our own for a linguine dinner.

Updates on how that goes, and other business-related events, soon. Promise.