Deep Cryogenic Treatment

Making Things Last Longer™


  • what if oil-drilling equipment Lasted twice as long in corrosive sea water?

  • what if generator GEARS and turbine blades Had 25% more operational life?

  • What if wind, steam and nuclear power plants could reduce maintenance by 30%?


For almost two decades, we have been exploring a cold temperature process called Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT). Our research confirms that DCT reduces wear, corrosion, fatigue and fracture on most steels, aluminum and titanium alloys by 20-70%

This improvement has been corroborated by US Army labs and independent academic institutions.  Although popularized several decades ago by consumer use on items like car brakes, guitar strings, and razor blades, the deep cryogenic process has its greatest opportunity in extending the life and performance of platforms such as planes, cars, ships and trains — all of which are subject to constant wear, fatigue, corrosion and environmental breakdown. Another key opportunity exists in the breakthrough field of additive manufacturing, as well as oil and gas drilling and sub-sea equipment, gas turbine and wind power generators, electric vehicle gears and industrial bearings.

Our discoveries will benefit the environment by producing less waste, giving corporations added competitive advantage and providing the public with longer lasting products. However, this research is ongoing — there is still much to be discovered, and the Emerging Technologies Science Foundation will play a vital role in communicating these findings to the public.

By making things last longer™, we reduce our impact on the planet and improve our quality of life.

The Emerging Technologies Science Foundation is a Colorado non-profit awaiting 501(c)3 status by the IRS.

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